Story of Mary and Kenichi

Japanese Filipino Children problem

He lives in Japan. The name is called Yamada. Mr. Yamada had a wife and a child. But he had a lover in the Philippines. The name is called Mary. He has created a child with Mary.

He was in a hurry. And he ran away. He don't go to the Philippines anymore. Miss. Maria named his child, Kemichi..

Kenichi was bullied because he was a Japanese child. In addition, since it is a mother-and-child family, Kenichi and Mary felt painful. I thought you want to see your father living in Japan. Kenichi wanted to live in Japan with her mother.

What should I do? Please ask someone named Shinohara of Japalife. Shinohara is not good at English, but he can speak with a Filipino interpreter on lines and so on. You can also communicate with Shinohara via e-mail. He may be able to help Mr. Maria and Mr. Kenichi.

Shinohara contacts +81-90-9863-8944. Or please consult with a Filipino who lives in Japan that Mary knows. She will contact Shinohara.